BunkerBox: What is it?

Dedicated Backup & DR Appliance for Small Business and Enterprise

BunkerBox is a dedicated backup & disaster recovery appliance. It sits on your internal network.

All data from your Servers, PCs & Laptops will backup to the BunkerBox and then mirror itself offsite to our DataCentre in Nottingham.

The BunkerBox gives you the benefit of onsite and offsite backups at the same time. Ideal for businesses with 500GB of data or more.


What can it backup?

The BunkerBox can backup your server Data, Exchange, SQL, VMWare V-Sphere, Hyper-V, MySQL, SharePoint, Oracle Databases & perform Bare Metal Disk Images. All data is backed up using intelli-delta changes so only minimal amount of data is transmitted.

For very large backups and restores we can seed the initial backup data via USB hard drive.

This provides the benefits of onsite and offsite backups at the same time. All backups and restores happen at very high speed since it is on your internal network. If the BunkerBox is no longer available data can be recovered from the offsite mirror.


What is your Disaster Recovery plan?

BunkerBox is a dedicated backup and disaster recovery appliance designed for servers. It sitson your local network with it’s own IP address. All your data is encrypted, compressed and then stored on the BunkerBox as a first point of backup. The BunkerBox then mirrors itself and any changes to our ultra secure bunker.

BunkerBox Features

  • No swapping tapes or USB hard drives
  • Affordable and flexible pricing structure
  • 100 % UK based support and datacentre
  • Ideal for servers with large amounts of data
  • Full disaster recovery capabilities including bare metal restore
  • Fully automatic backup schedules with email notifications
  • Backup & restore onsite and offsite simultaneously
  • Recover an entire server easily
  • Continuous backups / data replication
  • Keep many versions of data with advanced retention settings

For Small Business & Enterprise

Bunkerbox comes in 2 versions. Small Business Edition and Enterprise Edition.

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Tapes are so out of date

With BunkerBox there are no tapes or no drives to swap. The backups will happen as per the defined schedule.

Comprehensive Reporting

The BunkerBox will email you several daily/weekly reports. Email notifications when the backups complete, so you can be sure that your backups have finished correctly.

There are so many other reports and a control panel to assist with backup management.

Affordable & flexible pricing structure

Many other companies charge huge amounts per GB of data, especially when data amounts reach the terabytes mark. We do not. All our services are affordable but without any compromise in quality.
We keep our overheads low and pass the cost savings direct to the customer.

UK Based Support and DataCentre

All our infrastructure is based in the UK, 100%. Our state of the art, ultra secure datacentre is an ex-nuclear bunker, 30M underground.

Large Amounts of Data?

We can supply a BunkerBox from 250GB to 100TB. There are virtually no limits on the amount of data we can backup. It is ideal for large amounts of data where traditional offsite backups would take too long to backup or restore.

Full DR capabilities

It is not just a box that can perform a few backups. It is a full Disaster Recovery appliance. Disk Images or SnapShots of entire servers can be performed and easily restored. A broken or failed server can be quickly restored to its exact point using the Disk Imaging system. We also provide a bootable CD to assist with failed hard drives.

No More Missed Backups

All backups are fully automatic. If there is a problem an email will be generated. If a backup does miss, you will be emailed and it will also appear on the daily backup summary reports.

Backup & Restore Onsite and Offsite

All backups are stored on the local BunkerBox. Once the backup schedule finishes, the changed data is then mirrored to the offsite location.

Super Fast Backups and Restores

Because the BunkerBox is located on your internal network. All backups and restores will run at up to 1Gbps, network speed permitting. Typical backup and restore rates vary but usuall around 300mbps. This means there us no waiting around to restores to download from the internet.

If the BunkerBox was not available all data can be downloaded direct from the offsite mirror. For large restores in this scenario we can courier the data to you if required.

Exchange, SQL & SharePoint

Powerful Exchange, SQL & SharePoint backups will keep your servers protected.

Plugins for VMWare & Hyper-V

If you run virtual machines the BunkerBox can backup an individual guest machine or the entire host server farm. Up to 100 versions of backup data are kept allowing you to restore to any point in time.

Versions & Retention

Advanced retention policies allow you to keep multiple versions of any data set. This can be configured by number of versions of a file or by date and time. For example you could keep 100 versions of a particular data set, or specify an exact retention period and data for several weeks or months.

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