Unlimited Cloud Backups

Pro Edition: What is it?

DataBunker Pro Edition is an offsite cloud backup & disaster recovery solution designed for Servers, PCs and Laptops. Backups are sent direct over the internet to our infrastructure in Nottingham.

  • Unlimited storage space for a fixed monthly fee. See Pricing
  • Backup your files and folders direct to the cloud
  • Backup Data, Exchange, SQL, vSphere & HyperV, SharePoint & Oracle
  • Ideal to backup Servers

Large amount of Data?

If you have a large amount to backup we offer a FREE data seed service.
A USB drive is sent to you and the first backup is taken on the drive. Please note that for practicality reasons we only seed a maximum of 1TB of compressed data. If you require more storage space, we recommend our BunkerBox product.


File Backups

Backup your files and folders direct over any internet connection. Ideal for Small Business or Enterprise customers who have less than 500GB of data to backup. Your data is compressed and encrypted client side before it is transmitted.

  • Backup your Server files and folders.
  • Block level file backups, only the changes at a block level within a file are sent during incremental backups
  • Advanced retention policies, Time based or Version based
  • Keep files backed up for upto 5 years
  • Download and restore files from online control panel
  • 256bit Encryption for security peace of mind
  • Backup Windows network shares
  • Web based control panel for easy access
  • Excellent compression levels
  • Data Integrity check, CRC Checks
  • Bandwidth throttling if required

Exchange Backups

Backup Microsoft Exchange Servers with our advanced plugin.

Works with Exchange 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012. 2014 and 2016 databases

There are 2 types of plugin.

Exchange Server
Server level will take backups of the entire information store to provide full disaster recovery of your entire Exchange environment.

  • Encrypts and streams exchange data directly offsite
  • Backs up the entire information store
  • Ideal for disaster recovery
  • Backup and flushes transaction logs
  • Full and incremental backups

Exchange Mailbox
Mailbox level will backup an individual users mailbox data.

  • Back up a single user or multilple mailboxes
  • Restore a single folder within Outlook
  • Full and incremental backups
Disk Imaging

Disk Images & Bare Metal Restore

Backup and restore your entire server with our advanced disk image plugin. This allows you to take an image of your servers hard drives in case of total failure. Key features include:

  • Recover all server hard drives
  • Convert backed up images to VMDK/VHD formats for use in VMWare/Hyper-V
  • Recover your server within hours, not days


Backup up of Microsoft SQL servers using the SQL Server Plugin. SQL Server Plugin is a flexible and efficient option while backing up SQL servers.

Works with 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016 databases.

  • Advanced SQL plugin
  • Full differential and incremental backups
  • Transaction log backups
  • Point in time restore
  • Mulitple retention options, keep many previous versions

Backup MySQL database(s) using the internal MySQLDump utility available in the local machine. DataBunker supports Full and Incremental MySQL database backups while data is online and accessible.

Supports hot backups of Oracle Databases.

  • Supports Oracle 9i, Oracle 10G and Oracle 11G

Backup PostgreSQL databases using the internal PostgreSQLDump utility available in the local machine. DataBunker supports full and incremental PosgreSQL database backups while data is online and accessible.

  • Supports PostgreSQL 8.3 and later
  • Supports both Windows & Linux

Backup Pervasive SQL databases using the Distributed Tuning Interface API utility available in the local machine. DataBunker supports Full and Incremental PervasiveSQL database backups while the data is online and accessible.

  • Supports PervasiveSQL 10.0 and later


Do you have virtual servers that need to be backed up? With our robust DR solution you can backup and restore entire VMWare, Hyper-V & Xen virtual machines.

  • Full and incremental backups
  • Instant recovery of VMs
  • Streamed snapshots of your entire VMs
  • Keep multiple versions
  • Boot a failed VM directly from the backup image on ESXi

Due to the amount of storage space virtual machine backups take, we strongly recommend using our BunkerBox appliance.

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